Imlek reports provide insight into our continuous progress and commitment to sustainable development and unquestionable product quality. Take a look at our reports and see for yourself the transparency and responsibility of business at Imlek.

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Socially responsible business as a recipe for success

Check our detailed Imlek reports and see the exceptional quality and transparency of our business. Our documents testify to the constant improvement of production facilities and technologies, ethical approach and social responsibility, which have brought us to where we are today.

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Koristimo kolačiće za upravljanje korisničkim iskustvom, prikazivanje personalizovanog sadržaja i postizanje poslovnih ciljeva kompanije Mlijekoprodukt.

Koristimo kolačiće za upravljanje našim mrežnim mestom, za prikazivanje personalizovanog sadržaja i za postizanje naših poslovnih ciljeva. Dalje u tekstu možete saznati više o tome kako koristimo kolačiće.