Mission and Vision

Mission: Providing consumers with healthy, tasty, and nutritious products to raise awareness about the necessity of a healthy and balanced diet.

Vision: Expansion into a company with strong and recognized regional brands, driven by the needs and desires of consumers, particularly the demand for quality nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Recognizing that today, in the world, the most crucial market factor is a key competitive advantage with a sustained and growing trend, the organization Mlijekoprodukt d.o.o., registered for the purchase and delivery of raw milk, milk and dairy product production, and distribution of finished products, aims to continually establish a marketing strategy that requires constant improvement of business quality throughout the organization and the achievement of world-class quality.

Policy: As a company determined to maintain its leading position in the dairy industry within the region, AD Imlek firmly implements the following::
  • Meets the expressed and unexpressed demands of consumers by maintaining a high level of quality and safety in its products.
  • Provides consumers with high-quality services by continuously assessing their demands and enhancing the services offered.
  • Continuously improves its management systems, including quality, food safety, environmental protection, health protection, and work safety.
  • Adheres to and aligns its activities with relevant legislation and other requirements related to the quality and safety of all products, processes, environmental protection, and work safety.
  • Develops partner relationships with all suppliers, selecting them to acquire the highest quality raw materials with the least negative impact on the environment.
  • Improves and develops farms by raising awareness among farmers to ensure sufficient quantities of milk meeting the highest international standards for quality and safety.
  • Continuously works on the capacities of all employees at all levels, raising awareness about responsibility, the significance of their activities on product and environmental safety, and enhancing their motivation for successful, safe, and efficient work.
  • Plans and manages all processes to ensure goal fulfillment with minimal costs, optimal use of natural resources, and minimal negative impact on the environment, employee health, and safety.
  • Identifies and applies processes to improve efficiency in material and natural resource use, reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous substances, prevent pollution, and manage waste.
  • Considers all opinions and suggestions from stakeholders, informing them of the company’s commitment to this policy and ensuring that all employees conduct their activities in accordance with it and are accountable for it.
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