Social Responsibility

Besides the market orientation, Mlijekoprodukt, as socially responsible company perpetually takes care of thesociety and environment in which it operates.

Humanitarian activities carried out over the years have through constant donations to associations and deprived members of the society become an essential part of our company’s business. Particularly noteworthy is the cooperation with the Children’s home “Rada Vranješević” from Banja Luka, from which has since 2012 launched a humanitarian activity that the home provide all the necessary free dairy products on daily basis.

As a great recognition for humanitarian work Mlijekoprodukt from Red Cross Assembly of the Republic of Srpska got a silver marker for the development, improvement of the organization, popularization of membership and involvement in the realization of program tasks, raising and strengthening the reputation and recognition of the Red Cross of the Republic of Srpska. This recognition is of great value because it comes from an organization whose primary mission is to help those in need and which in that sense is the most relevant to assess humanity in action.

Besides humanitarian activities, Mlijekoprodukt actively and perpetually takes part in different activities whose main goal is promoting domestic production as well as raising awareness of the citizens about the importance of milk and dairy products for the healthy lifestyle.
It is our desire to influence the overall development of the country and the health of our citizens through these activities, for example celebrating World Milk Day and World School Milk day which is also an important aspect of corporate social responsibility.
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