Mlijekoprodukt has for many years been synonymous with high-quality dairy products and successful business operations. Our wide range of dairy products has attracted a large number of loyal customers, and the business principles we have adhered to since our founding are responsible for our team of top experts, as well as the numerous collaborations we take pride in. Get to know our values and products.


Our recipe for success

Highest Quality Dairy Products

Mlijekoprodukt dairy products are made with the highest quality milk, sourced from thousands of farmer-cooperators across the region. We offer dairy products that meet European standards and quality criteria.

Expert Staff and Production

Our team consists of expert staff who, together with modern technology, are responsible for the continuous improvement of production. Mlijekoprodukt is a company with a long tradition, but it has eagerly embraced innovations and followed contemporary trends in its operations.

Environmental Care

Mlijekoprodukt is committed to continuous improvement in environmental protection, defining objectives and projects, and organizing training for its employees to constantly raise their awareness of this important issue.

MLIJEKOPRODUKT brands you love

Mlijekoprodukt brands are created with the intention of satisfying the needs of the entire family. From Moja Kravica dairy products that have adorned your tables for decades, to the playful Jogood fruit yogurts, the sporty Protein brand, and the Flert coffees made for beautiful mornings – our brands are designed for people of all ages, lifestyles, and tastes.

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More than 200 products - for everyone's taste

Mlijekoprodukt Company cares about every single customer, therefore, it offers a wide range of products to suit everyone’s taste. Our selection includes standard dairy products, the Balans+ line dedicated to those who are mindful of digestion and immunity, lactose-free products, organic dairy products, and sweet flavors. More than 200 dairy products have found their way to your refrigerators and tables!

Practical and Original Packaging

Our trademark is the adorable smiling cow on the packaging! However, special lines of our products, such as Balans+, Bello, or Jogood, are also distinguished by their originally designed and practical packaging, which in most cases can be consumed “on the go” – while on the way to work.

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