Environmental Protection

For the activities aimed at environmental protection Mlijekoprodukt is among the leading companies and a leader in creating new trends in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to compliance with all prescribed norms and legal obligations in the field of ecology, in 2015 Mlijekoprodukt implemented the standard ISO 14001: 2004 Systems of environmental management. This certification is the result of many years of consistent implementation of policies and objectives of the management system.

In accordance with the environmental permit and the laws from this area Mlijekoprodukt implemented a number of activities of which we emphasize, the monitoring quality of waste water discharged into the city sewage system (done 4 times a year), monitoring of industrial noise (done 2 times per year), monitoring of exhaust gases from the hot water boiler (done 1x per year), partial sorting of waste, regular maintenance of green areas within the company, in summer run-off asphalt surfaces in order to reduce the impact of dust, a hazardous materials warehouse was built and dedicated in the case of spillage of chemicals so that they don’t end up in the sewer and thus contribute to environmental pollution.

A good part of the investment is aimed at the introduction of new technologies, which in a addition to increase the efficiency, also have a goal in environmental protection and sustainable development. In order to improve the impact of our processes to protect the environment, as well as harmonization with the new legislation, we are constantly planning new projects, measures and activities.

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