About us

Mlijekoprodukt is the biggest dairy in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a mission to provide quality, tasty and healthy dairy products in accordance with the highest world standards.

We cooperate with more than 1500 large and small family farms throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, from which we collect daily around 200 thousand liters of fresh, homemade milk of top quality.

Modern technology, constant improvement of the production process and innovation, as a very important segment of our business, have resulted in more than 100 different packages of dairy products, which we place daily on the market.Apart from the domestic market, we also sell our products to the markets of the European Union, Montenegro and Serbia.We pay great attention to socially responsible activities with special sensitivity towards children and socially vulnerable members of society.
Mlijekoprodukt implemented the standard ISO 14001: 2004 Systems of environmental management.
Providing the consumers with healthy, tasty and nutritious products with the goal of raising awareness about the crucial importance of a healthy and balanced diet

Besides the market orientation, Mlijekoprodukt, as socially responsible company perpetually takes care of thesociety and environment in which it operates.

Our history

The company Mlijekoprodukt was founded on March 1, 1997, in the municipality of Kozarska Dubica as a small local dairy with an initial daily processing capacity of only 300 liters of milk.


Company Mlijekoprodukt was founded on March 1, 1997. in the municipality of Kozarska Dubica, as a small local dairy with an initial daily processing of only 300 liters of milk.


Daily purchase and processing of milk exceeds 100,000 liters, and Mlijekoprodukt becomes the biggest dairy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Mlijekoprodukt became a member of the Imlek Group and after that continues to grow rapidly and consolidates its status as the largest processor of milk and one of the leaders on the dairy market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The agreement on acquisition of dairy portfolio of Natura Vita from Teslic was signed, and the Natura milk brand was strengthened and included in the brand portfolio together with the existing brands Vitalia, Moja Kravica, Balans +, Jogood, Bello and Grekos.


Mlijekoprodukt takes the leading position in the market of milk and dairy products in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Consumers recognize Mlijekoprodukt brands as high-quality, healthy, and delicious, which is why the company, through socially responsible projects, also expresses a part of its gratitude for the trust it has been given for years.

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